Catechism School

Catechism School Director

Director: Aidelys  Toumazou, (Addie)

Catechism School Teachers

Pre-K. and Kinder.   Mrs. Liapis and Ms. Sekkas

Grades 1 and 2       Mrs. Bonitsis and Mrs. Mihalatos

Grades 3 and 4       Ms. Mironis and Mrs. Toumazou

Grades 5 and 6       Mrs. Antoniou

Grades 7 and 8       Mrs. Pinou and Ms. Paxos

Grades 9 thru 12     Mr. Siderias

Music                         Mrs. Voukelatos

Catechism School Information

Our Catechism School is under the supervision of our Priest, Fr. Christos Pappas, and the Parish Council. The Catechism School teachers are all dedicated volunteers and active members of our church and community. They are committed to teaching our faith to our youngest members of our parish. Each session is an opportunity for your child to learn, explore, and apply their faith to their everyday lives. Catechism classes begin in September and end in May. Classes start from Pre-K through the 12th. grade.  Some of the events organized by our Catechism School include:

1. Christmas Retreat and Nativity Program

2. Easter Retreat, Palm Sunday Activity, and an Easter Egg Hunt

3. Mother’s Day Program

4. End of the year Catechism Graduation

5. And a variety of other fun activities throughout the year!!!

Interested in registering your child for Catechism School?

Contact us for registration forms by emailing the church at: or at the church office.  You can also call the church office at 201-945-6448.

You may contact the director, Mrs. Addie Toumazou at:

We look forward to seeing you and your family at Ascension Greek Orthodox Church, Fairview.